Lobster Paradise Punta de Mita

Prime seafood and steaks located in Punta de Mita’s heart.  

Lobster Paradise is a favorite spot at Punta de Mita, this eatery offers a spectacular setting, an open bar, and a terrace overlooking the beach. With specialties like lobster and USDA High Choice steaks. Features a mouthwatering selection of dishes. From burgers bursting with flavor to crisp refreshing seafood, or our catch-of-the-day.



Our waiters, Francisco and Cesar, kept us entertained throughout our entire dining experience. From walking up to the beautiful restaurant to buying some cigars on the way out, Lobster Paradise is the perfect place to kick off or end your trip in Mexico...


Beginning with the wonderful greeting from Rosie, The hostess, our evening continued to be exceptional. The restaurant sits on the water with great views and the atmosphere is inviting...


Such an amazing dinner experience! The deck is beautiful and the food was delicious. The entire staff was fantastic, but Osvaldo made our evening very memorable. He was so friendly and very attentive...